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Unlimited possibility from KOHLER


Evoking the unforgettable style of the early twentieth century, the Kathryn collection is inspired by a 1929 exhibit of KOHLER products at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Each detail of the collection pays meticulous attention to the original design. The extensive color offering conveys timeless sophistication.

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Inspired by the idea of harmony, the suite derives from the state of inner peace in China's Buddhist culture. With innovative technologies paired with simple and elegant design, the suite creates an intimate space in which free your mind.

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REVE® Suite

Make a thoroughly modern statement with the bold shapes and lines of the Rêve collection。 A sculptural work of art, Rêve highlights pure geometric style。 This eye-catching collection, with its array of sink styles and sizes, delivers modern functionality, simplicity and warmth to classic and contemporary bathrooms alike。

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Rich, lustrous and romantic. Rose Gold powerfully blends two of nature’s most iconic colors to create an inviting and uniquely sheer finish. The suite exudes an artful splendor together with the most graceful of ambience.

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The Escale collection brings the clean simplicity of Asian design to the bathroom。 Like Japanese bento boxes, Escale reveals layers of surprise and functionality。 With compartmentalized drawers that keep your belongings tucked away and organized, the Escale collection helps you create a space that is uncluttered and tranquil yet rich with detail。

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Simple and clean lines, paired with soft wood texture, gives you a feeling of returning to the nature. Using natural color tones, with high-quality materials, regardless of seasons, you can feel a striking tranquility and natural beauty. In the Forefront bathroom, you will breathe freely and relax yourself, feeling immersed in purity and comfort.

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Give a nod to nostalgia with the classic style of the Bancroft collection. Inspired by the traditional elegance of early 1900s American design, with iconic lines and familiar shapes, this collection offers universal appeal for today’s bathrooms. The collection’s versatile design lets bold walls and tiles pop or provides a subtle complement to a neutral environment. Matching faucets and accessories complete the look.

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The epitome of charm, the Portrait collection pairs distinctive sculpted lines and soft edges to reflect the classic contour of ogee molding. With a hint of French provincial’s understated elegance, Portrait complements traditional décor. Its subtleness, extended throughout the entire collection offers versatile design.

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Inspired by traditional style, the Memoirs collection echoes the stylized lines of historically renowned furniture and architectural design。 Each detail makes it classic and timeless – sophisticated yet utterly approachable。 Choose from two distinct interpretations: the clean, crisp lines of Memoirs Stately and the rounded detail of Memoirs Classic, which resembles crown molding。

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The American living space is endlessly self-reflexive and paradoxical. Seriously playful. Carefully disorganized. It is steeped in the traditions of classic Americana while embracing a modern eclectic sensibility. Tresham vanities, toilets, sinks and shower bases bring this playful eccentricity, this eclectic elegance, to the American bathroom. Celebrate tradition – with a twist.

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Close your eyes, and imagine yourself on a cloud. Feel how it supports you, envelops you, gently carries you. Welcome to a cloudy world! Feel the cozy atmosphere in the Comfortable Bath.

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What better way for parent and child to bond than with the Aleutian suite. Seeking to provide the best care, safety features and enjoyment in its full range of modern rustic solutions. The suite simply expresses that home is where the heart is.

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Inspired by the softness of the misty moon. Kohler's Karess suite engraves the beauty of the moon into your home, with rounded curves, soft lines, telling a story of tranquility and comfort.

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Featuring romantic and delicate color, Kohler's Slim Suite adopts a simple and sleek design, showing a perfectly stylish and modern life. A graceful art pattern, engraved in high-gloss paint surface, highlights its visual beauty, creating a vibrant and pleasant atmosphere.

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OVE® Suite

Inspired by the classic and elegant curves of oriental artwork, this suite offers stunning fixtures. It comprises of lavatories, bathtub and other matching furniture, and demonstrates a timeless and clean decoration style throughout.

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Blending subtle design elements found in craftsman furniture’s chamfering techniques with the intricate facets of jewelry, the Archer collection achieves an interesting transitional aesthetic。 The vanity brings texture and visual depth to the collection, while the fixtures combine curved and beveled edges to suit an array of design motifs。

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The Kelston Suite brings a warm elegance to the bath or powder room. The petite vanity features detailed fluting that coordinates beautifully with the elliptical lines of the Kelston self-rimming lavatory. Moisture-resistant materials and two full-extension drawers make it exceptionally functional as well as attractive. Rounding out this ensemble is the Kelston Comfort Height two-piece toilet with a transitional aesthetic and flushing technology.

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The Cimarron collection offers the perfect duo for a powder room. And with its transitional styling, it’s also a great place to start for a larger, custom-designed bathroom. With clean lines and soft, graceful curves, the Cimarron collection coordinates with a wide range of bathroom styles.

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Reach suite perfectly integrates practical functions and aesthetic design to present a modern style. It has exquisitely designed curves and angles with the luxurious quality from the washbasin, to the double counter basin, to the toilet that befits a modern metropolis.

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SERIF® Suite

A distinctive design philosophy mixes bold visual cues and tidy lines for an airy and elegant space.

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This fashionable design with modern simplicity features individual design elements and incredible space concepts, providing an excellent shower experience.

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MaxiSpace ™博纳



FlexiSpace ™玲纳

科勒为小户型家庭,量身定制小空间卫浴的解决方案。我们增加脸盆的深度与宽度,最大化利用盆内空间,搭配抽拉式龙头,方便消费者洗头和清洗衣物。而Free Drain设计将排水管道后置,为底部浴室柜提供更宽敞储物空间,收纳有序。内置毛发收集器,贴心设计高效防止水管堵塞,更易日常清理工作。

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